Harry firmly believes that Meghan overcome every obstacle and inspired millions of women around the globe!!

Though it might seem very fascinating about being a royal prince or princess but the flip side of it carries a harsh reality, which is not as rosy as it seems. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle revealed every bit of her turmoil that she faced and how hard was it for her to take the pressure of leading a royal life.

The not so simple ‘royal’ journey

Meghan, as well as Harry (The Duke of Sussex), vented out their emotion in the interview which was a part of a documentary about Harry and Meghan’s first international tour, the African journey. The host of the show, Tom Bradby, has known Harry for twenty years and this is the reason how the royal couple found it easy and comfortable revealing their emotional self during the interview and answered all the personal questions with a lot of ease.

Meghan firmly stated that the pressures she faced of living a royal life are hard to explain, it seems very attractive but in reality, it disturbs you greatly, she told how problematic it was for her to take the criticisms, judgments and so much of interference of media in her personal life.

‘Never thought royal life would be easy but believed it was fair’

The situation was worst to handle as Meghan explained during her pregnancy it became a trauma for her when she used to get negative attention all the time and insensitive criticism, she expressed how bad it feels when you receive such treatment during the most vulnerable days of your life, Meghan professed that she never thought that living a royal life would be easy but at least believed that it would be fair.

Meghan said it becomes almost impossible to handle the stress of being a newlywed and would-be mom, but she gave credit to her husband Harry and her son, Archie, how they helped her to come up from the irresistible pressures. The duchess also confessed that she was just existing not living.

Harry also came forward and firmly said that he won’t be the part of the bully game of the media scrutiny which took the life of her mother.

In this era where modernity is evolving each day at a fast pace, keeping up the stress to live a royal life is extremely hard but Meghan overcame every obstacle and inspired millions of women around the globe.