Harley Quinn and the disorders of Suicide Squad! The Massive Evolution of Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad #4 comics are already out and the first standalone film of the DC Comics is out too. This movie, Birds of Prey is about Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad:

The Task Force X is a group of villains appointed by the U. S Government. They are appointed to perform an extremely dangerous mission. In this 4th issue, they are on a road trip to locate Captain Boomerang. They take a trip across Australia.

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In addition to the mission, Harley Quinn does a behavioral analysis to complicate things. Undoubtedly, leads to chaos.

It’s Harley Quinn:

This issue highlights the former doctor Harleen Quinzel who was a faulty-yet-dedicated medical professional. The members of the creative team make Harley’s character a subtle and erratic character. Unquestionably, such a combination is dangerous for a medical professional.Box Office: 'Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey' Barely Recovers As Will ...

However, in the film Birds of Prey, we see the softer side of Harley. She starts a new life of a psychopath after her break up with the Joker. She goes on to make a massive self-analysis of herself. As a result, she grows into being a better person.

Harley being a psychiatrist definitely keeps showing in her character construct. She shows a huge amount of ingenuity and clever insights. Nevertheless, she tries to show us that, after her breakup, she realizes that she needs no “protection” from any man. She goes on to live a better life without Joker that her cleverness can come through all her activities of survival

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Nonetheless, Harley will not be “Joker’s Girlfriend” anymore. Her breakup has caused her to go into a self-examination leading her to be a businesswoman. She definitely is not serving anyone anymore as her name suggests. We see the entire evolution of one major character of the suicide squad. That’s something that made fans go nuts!