Hanna Brown’s Latest Song Hurts People as it Delves into a Sensitive Issue quite Insensitively. Read Further to Know the Complete Details

Discrimination has been affecting certain sections of people worldwide. No one is obliged to face the grunts of discrimination, be it a celebrity or any layman. The whole concept of discrimination gets troublesome to deal with by certain people who face it overall. The apartheid movement, revolutions concerning racial discrimination have been long-lived and have maintained a good record in the past, with people being more cautious while dealing with sensitive matters.

There have been several instances when people have overcome the boundaries of what’s permissible and what’s not. Singers who use the words that can hurt one’s sentiments need to be refrained from using if used by any chance that needs to be altered in whatever way possible.

Why was Hanna Brown in the news recently?


Actors, singers, sportsmen, anyone it be has been affected with the lockdown worldwide in several ways, be it their boredom at home or inability to work like before, no one is left out of the stretch of boredom which has even struck many hard. What celebrities have decided to do in order to curb the same is to take to Instagram, Twitter, etc. and interact with their fans to power come the receiver’s and the receiver’s boredom. 


What went wrong with Hanna’s Instagram live video was that she sang a song that touched upon a sensitive issue related to the apartheid movement, where the people under the grunts of discrimination took to mass mobilization to fight the racial discrimination that they were facing. The singer sang the ‘N- word song’ and d=d=failed to realize that it could have affected people in the receiving ends who have long fought or have been victims of the discrimination that the world faced them with.