Halsey Is Spending Time During Quarantine While Posting Bikini Selfies And Doing Some Cooking! Check out her bikini game being played right.

By 2 weeks ago

Singing sensation Halsey is setting some major summer goals with having her Instagram game with steamy pictures of herself in various colorful bikinis. Let us take a look at how the singer is spending her time during this quarantine.

Halsey Is Acing Her Bikini Game And Fams Are All In Awe! Have A Look.

The singer seemed to be having some alone time during this quarantine and is posting images of herself sunbathing in a bikini or posting goofy day to day pictures which are pretty relatable for fans. Take a look at those images that the singer posted recently and it is all about being summer ready!

The Without Me hitmaker is making headlines while posting bikini pictures and seem to be in high and cheerful spirits. The singer has been posting pictures for a while now and it seems like Halsey is setting some major fitness goals for all of us.

The Singer Recently Suffered A Minor Foot Injury!

Haley recently faced a minor injury as she informed fans about her injured foot via her Instagram story. The singer also mentioned about putting off her braces as it was feeling itchy, she also seemed to be recovering slowly from her injury while she is enjoying the time in solitude as she did some cooking and watching the movie, Avatar. Take a closer look at all the feel good pictures that the singer has been posting. They sure are all giving us major goals.

The singer recently came in rapper Kanye West’s defence when people were backlashing him after his public meltdown. She said people to be sensitive towards people with bipolar disease as they need our support and understanding.