Hailey Baldwin Films Justin Bieber Hilariously playing ‘The Floor Is Lava’! And he lost! Check it all out here.


Justin Bieber, 26, and Hailey Baldwin, 23, are truly owning the isolated game! The “Yummy” artist finished a temporary obstruction course at his Canadian house — all while imagining the floor was lava— and the whole thing was comical. The short video started with Justin — clad in a hide cap and onesie — loose on his huge white couch. Behind the camera, Hailey then gave one straightforward guidance: “The floor is lava.” Immediately, Justin started making moves, which included running right over the long white lounge chair! We don’t accuse the person: consuming your feet wouldn’t be entertaining!

The smaller than normal experience was roused by a well-known kids’ downplayed outside and includes players abstaining from contacting the ground to get from direct A toward B. From the love seat, Justin flaunted some parkour abilities as he jumped from the love seat than to a seat and a turning love seat. In the wake of going for a spin, the Bieb picked up his equalization and advanced toward bar stool.


To make things somewhat more fascinating, Hailey included two or three trickier parts which included skateboards and roundabout back rollers! Coasting down the corridor like an expert, Justin deliberately changed between the sheets and the back roller.

The final destination appeared to be a bed in a guest room and ended up conceding to the lava just inches away! “Noooo!” Justin dramatically yelled, sprawled out onto the floor. “Babe, you were so freakin’ close!” a laughing Hailey responded, as Justin added, “I lost.” Perhaps we’ll see a re-do on our social feeds soon?

We’re glad to see Justin and Hailey still having a blast over a week into self-isolating! The couple has been killing it with their Tik Tok game, showing off their incredible moves to a number of tunes.