Gwyneth Paltrow stuns everyone with her nude Insta picture on a hill side!

Internet is buzzing with the photos of Gwyneth Paltrow standing along a hillside with her arms stretched over her head up in the air. What stunned the fans about the picture was that she is standing naked. The reason for doing this was to promote her lifestyle and wellness brand “Goop.”

Credit: Instagram

The caption of the post read, “We lie to ourselves for good and bad reasons, self-protection or self-sabotage (which are often the same). But why?”

The picture of the Avengers star got some mixed reactions to it. While some fans mocked her for this picture, the others defended her in the same spirit.

One of the commentators mocked her by writing that Goop’s Insta posts are millennial white girls and now this (Paltrow’s) unrealistic body image.

Another fan came to her support by addressing the haters and saying that while everyone supports ALL body types, this body (of Gwyneth Paltrow) comes under a body type too, which should be accepted by everyone.

Another fan exclaimed that a nude body picture got everyone upset. She asked everybody to relax as it is just a body. She mentioned that since it is not our body, we are no one to judge it and the judgmental comments are the sign of insecurities.

Gwyneth had launched her brand Goop as a weekly newsletter from her kitchen! The newsletter is all about health-centric recipes, travel recommendations and also shopping recommendations.

Eventually, the brand has evolved into a lifestyle brand that aims at the millennials.