Gwen Stefani credits all her loved ones on receiving the 2019 Fashion Icon award!!

Gwen Stefani was being honored for her iconic fashion at the 2019 People’s Choice Awards on Sunday and said that receiving the award was ‘hard to digest’. Jeremy Scott presented the special honor to Gwen, who then took the stage inside Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar with an unforgettable acceptance speech.

Gwen Stefani credits all her loved ones on receiving the 2019 Fashion Icon award!! 3

“Blake Shelton, look. Icon wow, this is hard to digest,” Gwen said when she took the mic after accepting the award addressing Shelton in the audience. “I feel like I just always, always loved fashion it was just one of those very instinctual things partly because of my mom my grandma, my great-grandma, my grandma sewed my mom’s clothes. My mom would come home from school and my grandma would have made her prom dress,” Gwen reflected.

On a whole she didn’t forget to credit her loved ones, whether it be her family or fans. She honoured her boyfriend and son while receiving the award. During her speech, the star said she would be giving her trophy to 11-year-old son Zuma. “I’m going to give this to Zuma, Zuma wants this,” she said. Stefani concluded her speech with a sweet tribute to boyfriend Blake and fans. “ I love you guys. You inspire me all the time I love you, Blake Shelton, you’re a babe.”

Gwen Stefani talked about her mom’s and grandmother’s influence on her and how they inspired her love of fashion when she accepted the Fashion Icon Award. She added that when she was much younger, she disliked fashion because it seemed like it was only for the wealthy, but now she is grateful that she has gotten to work with so many “amazing, talented designers.”

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Stefani looked stunning in white gown with a long train, black gloves and thigh-high black boots. The look truly marked Gwen Stefani to be a fashion icon!