Guy Ritchie Action Movie Begins Filming in Spain; Alexander Ludwig, Antony Starr, Dar Salim to join the Cast

Guy Ritchie working on a new Action Film in full Swing

There is great news for action lovers! Guy Ritchie is working on yet another action film! Moreover, the movie’s location is Alicante Spain. Reportedly, the movie will star our favourite Jake Gyllenhaal! Additionally, Dar Salim will play a major role as Ahmed. Ahmed would portray an Afghan interpreter working for the U.S. It would surely give us thrills of real adventure!

Jake Gyllenhall
Instagram|Jake Gyllenhall

Badass cast to accompany the Stars!

The Oscar-nominated actor, Gyllenhall has a set of amazing co-stars. Antony Starr from the BoysAlexander Ludwig from The Hunger Games will be joining the sets. Moreover, Sean Sagar, Jason Wong, Bobby Schofield, and Emily Beecham from Cruella are also a crucial part of the movie.

 Selfless Portrayal of Saving Lives

The movie starts with Gyllenhaal as Sargent John Kinley, on his last tour in Afghanistan. He is supposed to survey the locality with his teammate Ahmed. Consequently, their team is ambushed while patrolling, leaving Kinley and Ahmed as the sole survivors. Furthermore, we witness acts of selflessness as Ahmed carries an injured Kinley while risking his own life. However, Kinley discovers that Ahmed and his family weren’t allowed  to enter America. To help his friend, Kinley retreats to the warzone to extract Ahmed’s family before they are caught by the local military. The whole gist of the movie is helping others selflessly!

Dar Salim As Ahmed
Instagram|Dar Salim

An insight into the Movie’s Production

The script for the thriller is co-written by Ritchie, Marn Davies, and Ivan Atkinson. Moreover, Ritchie and Atkinson will act as producers including John Friedberg, and Josh Berger.  Fresco Films are handling the local production in Alicante while doubling for Afghanistan locations. Furthermore, STX is responsible for the sales and deals with MGM. Let’s hope the outcome is as good as the whole arrangement!