Gunna Might Have Hinted Towards His Inclusion In The Camila Cabello’s My Oh My Remix ! Have a Look.

It seems like singing sensation Camila Cabello who has been releasing some hit tracks one after the other, might have another remix on its way. Moreover, there might be another Rapper who might be going to be a part of the remix that is on its way. Let us look into the details of the remix rumor.

Is Camila Cabello All Set With Yet Another Remix? Here’s What We Know.

This rumor has been fueled by Gunna who when confronted with the question that whether he is going to be the lucky contestant to be featured on Cabello’s “My Oh My” remix. He went on to give a rather cryptic reply and tweeted out a frozen smiley face emoji.

While the original track had DaBaby in it and Camila Cabello went on to have yet another chart-topper track in her record. The song received an overwhelming response and now it seems like there’s going to a remix soon enough as well!

Is There Going To Be A New Name Added In The My Oh My Remix?

The glossy video had Camila Cabello was the good girl who ends up getting infatuated to bad boys! The track was released on February and was an instant hit overnight. The song was just another huge success along with the several other tracks that the singer released in all these months.

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However,  it was announces that a remix of the same song is on its way as well. No additional information was given and now it seems like Gunna might have indirectly hinted at his inclusion in the project as well. He himself has released a few track himself in all these months and this collaboration might be yet another hit.