Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 is going to be the last time we will see Chris Pratt as “Starlord”? Fans are heartbroken..

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Making the “Avengers” an exception, no movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever been so lucky to have a hit at the fourth installment. But Chris Hemsworth’s other-worldly character is going to bend the rules and become worthy of the fourth installment.

Taika Waititi’s upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder are going to be the fourth installment in the Thor series and is the first solo-hero movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe to get the fourth installment. Thor: Love and Thunder are going to hit the theaters in two years and is one of the highly anticipated movies. Fans are expecting a total change in the big saga with Thor: Love and Thunder.

But another movie is also on set and is in the list of highly anticipated movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 and this third installment is going to be directed by James Gunn.

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But James Gunn’s latest Instagram post says something different than what people would want to hear. According to James Gunn’s Instagram post reveals that the third installment of Guardians of Galaxy is probably going to be the last outing in the cosmic superheroes series.

But some sources reveal information contrary to what James Gunn has done in his recent post. The sources reveal that the cosmic superheroes franchise will continue beyond the trilogy but in a very different form.

It was revealed that the third installment of Guardians of Galaxy is going to be a soft reboot which is apparently going to introduce a variety of new line-up space adventurers as the movie keeps wrapping up the stories of the current on-going team.

News that will bother is going to Marvel fans is that the sources have revealed that the current members of Guardians of Galaxy will either be killed or moved to a completely different setting to make space for the new Guardians of Galaxy.