Greta Gerwig says Cardi B helped her through her pregnancy

Looks like our “Spicy Mommy” has struck the chords again, and this time it’s in relation to her successful reign as a mother!

Greta Gerwig, the director of the movie Lady Bird, quite successfully hid her pregnancy with son Harold for most of the Little Women’s production but when it was time for her to seek the best for some relatable pregnancy-related content, she turned to none other than the mother of the year, our beloved Cardi B!

While Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Eliza Scanlen, and Emma Watson were busy slapping each other and wreaking havoc, bringing Louisa May Alcott’s story to life, Gerwig was secretly nurturing life on her own too during the first half while being pregnant with her son.

Gerwig told Vogue that while she was off wearing clothes that strategically hid her tummy in Concord, she explained that she turned to Cardi B, who gave birth to daughter Kulture in 2018, for some relatable content in relation to her pregnancy. She told vogue that Cardi would do videos about how her hair looked better, but then she would get mad because she had terrible heartburn. Gerwig further added that she should “eat up” everything and that she feels very moved by women who’ve claimed all of it.

Gerwig welcomed her son Harold Gerwig Baumbach with her longtime partner and creative collaborator, Noah Baumbach. She said that she didn’t intend to keep her pregnancy a secret from the cast and crew of Little Women. She wrapped up the movie while she was 6 months pregnant.