‘Green River’ turning 50! Creedance Clearwater Revival’s best album.

It’s the time for celebrating the 50 years of completion of Creedance Clearwater Revival’s performance in the Woodstock festival where the troupe performed from 1.00 a.m to 1.50 a.m on the 17th of August 1969. The event took place at the Royal Albert Hall of England. The songs that were played at the event were from the album ‘Green River.

The song ‘Green River‘ was written by John Fogerty, the leader of the group. He revealed in his “Storytellers’ special, some quite interesting facts about the discovery of the song. According to him, the song is actually about a place which he often visited when he was a kid.

The place was on Putah Creek, in California. He recalls visiting the place with his family till the age of 10. He had plenty of happy memories there, including the memory of his first attempt to swim. He remembers a rope hanging from the tree. Further recalling, he remembered to stay in a ‘little cabin’ which was owned by the descendant of Buffalo Bill Cody. The song has its reference too, “Up at Cody’s camp I spent my days…”.

Next, the writer reveals that ‘actual’ specific idea of Green River was brought about by a ‘soda bottle pop-syrup label.’ ‘Green River’ was the name of the flavor of the soda mix he preferred most. Explaining it he continues, the color of the syrup was ‘green,’ and it was lime flavored. The syrup was poured out in some glass over some ice and soda would be poured over them. That was what was served if asked for ‘Green River.’

Fogerty claims the album ‘Green River’ to be his favorite among all the Creedance Clearwater Revival albums, as it gives the feeling of ’50s albums like that of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

'Green River' turning 50! Creedance Clearwater Revival's best album. 1
A poster of the album ‘Green River.’