Great Pretender: here is everything you need to know about the Netflix anime! Check it out.

Do you know that Netflix has released a new criminal based anime named, Great Pretender on 2nd June 2020. It is a Japanese TV Anime which will be relaunched on Netflix in Japan. To complement the news of this release trailers of the anime showing the cast of the anime was also released along with. The same will be provided in the Trailer section below in the article. Being a Japanese Anime it is loved by people across the globe.


Makoto Edamura and his partner in crime Kudo are great swindlers who try tricking rich personas. Once when they try fiddling with a French man, they in turn trick themselves. This man is no one else than Laurent Thierry who has his connections with Mafias. Makoto is now engulfed inside the mafia world and finds it hard to come out of it. Watch the show to know more.


A tentative schedule of the release of the episodes is as follows:

  1. 2/6/20- Episode No. 1-5
  2. 9/6/20- Episode No. 6-10
  3. 16/6/20- Episode No. 11-14
  4. Unknown- Episode No. 15-23

This is just the releasing schedule only applicable in Japan since there has be no declaration of the release globally till now.


The anime includes the characters like Makoto “Edamame” Edamura, Laurent Thierry, ¬†Abigail “Aby” Jones, and Paula Dickins. The artists who have lend their voices to this amazing show are Chiaki Kobayashi, Junichi Suwabe, Natsumi Fujiwara, and Mie Sonozaki respectively.


Watch the trailer of the Great Pretender now. The trailer was officially released on WITStudio’s official website last Friday. Apart from the characters, the trailer shows the staff and other details of the show.

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