GOT: Star Maisie Williams Shares Her Journey From Teenage to Adulthood!! Also The Difficult Phase Of Growing Up!!


Arya Stark, the daring, Badass character of an insanely popular show of HBO series Games Of Thrones, is not at all the same in her real life. Maisie Williams was selected for GOT when she was 14 years old in 2011.

Eight years’ journey has left her vulnerable from time to time. She went through a lot of ups and downs during the making of the GOT series

. She opened up in a recent interview about her work, mental breakdown, and even regarding her body image. There was a time when she felt horrible for the bodily changes happening to her. Ultimately with time, she has gained wisdom and self-confidence.

Such break downs have always been part of celeb lives. We have heard and seen many stories regarding the mental struggle the celebs go through due to the high demanding jobs, work pressure, etc. In front of the camera, we have always found them calm, composed, confident, and smiley. No one can guess the stress and struggle to linger at the back.

People claim that they are paid to look happy. It’s part of their job. But as Williams confessed, putting on a smiling face in real life becomes the biggest challenge. All the time, pretending that everything is fine, damages your true happiness, and leaves a vacuum in your life.

As per Maisie, “The scariest part is to figure out whether you can be the same again or not? Just push yourself a Lil bit more, and then it’s not that difficult. You need to make up your mind to break through the challenges.” She loves her new phase of life.

Maisie is all set and looking forward to the coming years to do meaningful work. She is now much more robust and brave, like Arya. She is focussing on better things in life.

The fantastic show received 161 nominations and won 47 Emmys. GOT won lots of awards but left fans disappointed when the series was concluded this year.