Google Doodle celebrates the French Sculptor, Camille Claudel

Google Doodle has decided to honor the famous French sculptor Camille Claudel on her 155th birthday with quite an artsy doodle, and we stan it!

On the 155th birthday of the French Sculptor, Google Doodle decide to pay it’s tributes to the artist by sharing a doodle in her honor. The doodle was made by a Paris-based artist Ichinori. This doodle was shared and celebrated in only a few select countries, which included: Japan, Vietnam, the US, Iceland, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, the UK, Ireland, Lithuania, Franc, and Germany.

Camille Claudel was a remarkable artist of her time who was deeply involved in creating and constantly trying to open new doors. Her life was made of poetry, hard work, freedom, drama, and pure creation.

Camille Claudel was an artist with a pure and uncompromising gesture of creation. Looking at the photographs of her workshop a source said, they are amazing and seem out of time. One can see her trying to collaborate with other sculptors where they discuss, sculpt, think, and laugh. Source further added that Camille was organized and yet quite a mess at the same time.

In some pictures, she could be seen with her tools, in the middle of her workshop, alone in the giant stone and material forest, working hard, only concentrating on her subject. The creators wanted to share the feeling of a free, powerful, and hardworking woman that uses her hands to produce incredible sculptures, unique to her time.