Good News for the Fans as the author Yū Kamiya just Confirmed the Release Date for ‘No Game No Life’ Season 2

No Game No Life is a Japanese novel series. The series is based on two gamers who are also brothers and are known for their skills at gaming. The two are taken to a world full of games where they are the central players and their core responsibility is to ensure no attacks on them. they leave on several expeditions that get unlocked in every new season of the series.

The story is adapted from the manga series which is later converted into anime with animations and sound effects. The series is continuing at an appreciable pace, also the profits earned a sufficient for the second season to be released. Despite that, there have been certain delays in the release of the second season. What could be the expected reasons?


Why was there a delay in the release of the second series?

The anime is adapted from the manga series that has released several volumes and that has held the movie ongoing. There was, however, a delay in the release of the second series of the show. What was the reason if not a lack of finances or fame? The reason that is becoming unravelled with time is the lack of content to build the story on. The story was unable to proceed further due to no direction at continuing with another season and which is also the reason why the second season was taking more time than was though and predicted by others.

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The author Yū Kamiya has confirmed the series will be out for watch by November 11, 2020. Good news for the fans who were awaiting the release is now confirmed with the news and have nothing to ponder over anymore.