“Good as Hell” remix is dropped and fans will have put Lizzo-Grande collab song on repeat the entire weekend

Ariana Grande and Lizzo are definitely having the year of their lives. Both the pop singers had released amazing singles and albums that have topped the charts in just their initial weeks of release.

Earlier today, Lizzo dropped a collaborative music video that so many fans have anticipated and have been waiting for. Yesterday, Lizzo went live on Instagram and gave clues to her fans about the artist featured in her video.

Going live on Instagram was nothing new to Lizzo, but when she went on live yesterday, she had a pretty good reason. During her life on Instagram, she revealed to her fans that something was going to drop that night and that she was willing to give clues about the event. Then Lizzo flashed a cup of Starbucks on the screen frame and asked the fans to guess the size of the drink and that if they had guessed it, then they would have figured out what she was talking about.

Lizzo repeated the statement to make sure that her fans have got it right. Well, everyone knows that Ariana Grande has made pretty hilarious jokes about sharing her last name with the Starbucks company and well with Lizzo flashing the Starbucks cup into the screen frame gave the fans the clue they all ever want.

Image: YouTube

Ariana Grande has also taken to her Instagram stories to tease about the new collaboration, according to the People. Ariana Grande posted a video of herself singing the second verse of the song and has captioned the video that they have got a sweet remix of Lizzo’s “Good As Hell” releasing that night. Ariana Grande thanked Lizzo for thinking of her for the collaboration.

Ariana Grande opened about her collaboration with Lizzo right after they have dropped the song. On Twitter, Ariana Grande said that she had a lot of fun while recording the song and that she loves the energy Lizzo was filled with.