Goldie Hawn Is Feeling Low And Cries Almost Three Times A Day During This Whole Lockdown Situation! Check out what she has to say.

While the current situation around the whole world is heartbreaking and dangerous, with many innocent lives being taken away by the deadly Coronavirus, one celeb has recently opened up about this whole lockdown situation.

Goldie Hawn Opens Up About The Whole Lockdown Situation. Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, Goldie Hawn was brutally honest about the lockdown situation confessing that she often cries not once but three times a day and this whole scenario is surely taking a toll on her health. She has been feeling down considering the present situation that is going on in the world.

Moreover, Hawn further says that she cries a lot when she realizes that there is so much abuse going on, anger going on and this all has to do with confinement, fear, and uncertainty about what is going to happen in the coming time. The celeb opens up about the bad time that is looming large on all of us and it seems like no one is having a positive attitude towards this extremely problematic time.

Hawn Also Talks About Her Own Family Situation And Social Distancing.

Goldie Hawn also talks about how fortunate she is to quarantine with her partner Kurt Russell and her family lives close by so they do a lot of social distancing. She described her quarantine style as very comfortable.

She is indeed very lucky to be close with her family and loved ones,  as many celebs has been talking and sharing heartbreaking confessions about staying away from their family during this isolation period. Many celebs including Nicole Kidman has been missing her mother and is looking forward to the day when all will be reunited at once.