Golden Globe winner Sharon Stone blocked on dating app Bumble! Users claim her account to be fake. Is it so???

What??? Bumble has blocked Sharon Stone? Do you know why? Read on to know the complete details.

Why has dating app Bumble blocked Sharon Stone?

A 61-year-old Basic Instinct actor, Sharon Stone, revealed that She was blocked by Bumble, a dating app because of other users reported that her profile is not genuine. The actor is locked out of her Bumble account when other users claimed her profile fake.

She wrote on Twitter that she visited the Bumble website, and they had closed her account.

Stone asked why other users were thinking that she cannot be on the dating app.

And after her tweets @bumble replied her, they wrote, “we are here to bring good people together, “and then they restored her account.

And the bumble officials continued writing that, “your activities on Bumble made other users think that you were too good to be true.”

“We are assuring that your account won’t be blocked again. And suggest everyone in our community to verify their profiles.”

And the Bumble director joked as he tweeted, “I hope it would be easier to “find your honey” on Bumble.”

Past relationships of Sharon Stone

Sharon had her first marriage with Michael Greenburg in 1984, but unfortunately, the couple divorced after three years.

And then she married a journalist Phil Bronstein in 1998 and got divorced after six years.

We are hoping that Sharon will find a man of her life very soon.