Goblin Slayer: The Show Might not have had a Great Start with Season 1, but Hopes are High from Season 2

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After the controversy caused by the first season, everyone is a bit hesitant on how the future episodes will turn out

Goblin Slayer’s anime didn’t have receive the standing ovation they expected, since the manga was a huge hit. We can’t really call it the worst anime adaptation ever, but it’s somewhere close. It seemed like an anime version of the old monster killing video game DOOM. 

It started of as a dark fantasy manga series written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki which started running from 2016 and is still ongoing. The anime adaptation came in 2018, and within the first ten minutes, it started gathering mixed reviews from fans with some finding it okay, while the others talked smack about it. Let’s now see why it got such negative reviews and whether this will affect future seasons.

Season 2 details and controversy

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The main reason for fans trashing the show was because it was simply given a TV-PG rating by the streaming service Crunchyroll. But it turned out to be more than that. The graphic violence turned out to be so gruesome that people were reminded of the classic anime Berserk. It is definitely suited for mature audiences and explicit and sexual content laced with violence remained a constant in the series.

The Goblin Slayer movie titled Goblin’s Crown released in February 2020 and was better received by fans as everyone grew used to what the genre was now. This gives more hope for season two. If reports are to be believed, season two will be airing in mid 2021.

You can still give the anime a try, but keep in mind that it will be different from the usual adventurer type animes. You may end up liking it.