‘Go back to where u came from’: White woman shoves and flips off Muslim women.

Recently the social media was flooding with various comments and tweets against the controversial ‘racist tweet made by the USA president ‘Donald Trump’ on black and brown people to “go back” to the corrupt countries they are from,seems like it did go well with the white people looking at the latest incident that took place at Sesame Place Water Park in Pennsylvania, in which a white woman allegedly told a Muslim woman to”go back to where you came from”.

Β On Wednesday,a video footage circulated of the above incident which was filmed and posted by a Muslim woman name Zafirah Moore who was pushed around by an unidentified white women in the Sesame water park in front of the children screaming “go back to where you came from”although the actual moment wasn’t captured in the video we could see Moore’s reaction to the diatribe.

In the video, Moore was heard saying ‘this is terrible’ and also trying to make her realize children are looking at her offensive behavior, but the white lady didn’t stop and continued using foul language. While Moore was recording her, she asked her not to take pictures raising her middle finger to the camera in front of the crowd of children, flipping off her phone.

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Today I got told to go back where I came from πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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In fact, she got physical with Zafirah creating chaos in the park. According to the Daily Mail, Moore is now considering legal action against her assailant. The Sesame Placed has stated that they will ban the woman from the premises as it welcomes only respected people and is not going to tolerate such people making derogatory comments and creating a nuisance.

Moore gave an interview to CBS Philly, saying she was shocked that the woman told her ‘to go back to where she came.’ Moore told the news network she was born in West Philadelphia. She is a citizen of the country though she looks different doesn’t dress like others, but she is a person.

You can’t just go around saying anything to anybody. There was no need to say that to me’, Moore stated. She still wants to forgive the woman, also considering whether to press charges or not.

Above all, no human should be treated with this kind of behavior, be it verbal or physical. It’s unacceptable.