Girlfriends’ reunite in a special episode of ‘Black-ish’ And It’s All About Feminism…

Earlier,  American actress Tracee Ellis Ross said that she wants ‘Girlfriends’ reunion while sitting on the ‘Black-ish’ panel at Paleyfest New York in 2017. According to reports, they are trying to bring ‘Girlfriends’.

Girlfriends' reunite in a special episode of 'Black-ish' And It's All About Feminism... 3Though the show is not coming back directly right now, some of Ross’s co-stars from the canceled-too-soon UPN/CW sitcom, on which she played Joan, are guest starring on Tuesday nights Season 6 episode 3 of ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ titled ‘Feminisn’t’.

Golden Brooks who portrayed Maya Jill, Marie Jones who portrayed Toni and Persia White who played Lynn will guest star in the show. They will be seen playing the roles of Bow’s college friends -Aisha, Lisa, and Robin, respectively – in the new ‘Black-ish’ episode all about feminism.

Fans would be very much excited about their perfectly executed reunion. The show was prematurely canceled by the CW in 2008 after eight years without the chance of proper series finale.

When they were asked what actually inspired them for the reunion Ross told that they have all been having this idea forever. They thought of how and when to do it. They also thought of making a movie.

Ross also told that ‘Black-ish’ producer Courtney Lily actually came up with the idea independent of those previous conversions.