Getting bored during lockdown? Stream these 10 underrated creature horror movies on Amazon Prime Video Service.

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Horror films are incomplete without creature features. Creature features are most common among horror films. The movies involve a character that is always beyond human control and looks like a dangerous animal or monster.

Here is the list of 10 underrated creature featured horror movie streaming on Amazon prime video service.

10 Underrated Creature Feature Horror Movies

1.Sector 7

A creature featured film premiered in 2011, where a deadly specimen is waiting to be discovered at a deep-sea oil rig off the coast of Jeju Island. And when the specimen gets free, the crew is left stuck in the middle of the ocean with no chance of getting out.

2. The Bone Snatcher

A movie created with a creature feature in 2003. Audiences like watching it because of its special creature feature. The movie is all about finding a miner mysteriously in the Namib Desert in South Africa.

3. From the Dark

A story of a young and arguing couple premiered in 2014. They end arguing in the Irish countryside after dusk and lost their living place. They find shelter at a nearby farmhouse and start experiencing something wrong at that place.

4. Howl

A movie premiered in 2015. It is based on an Alpha Trax train which is heading towards London one evening which is surrounded by unknown creatures from the forest. The security guards and other staff of the train try saving their passengers. But still one by one, all the passengers get attacked by a pack of creatures who are thirsty for blood.

5. Beneath

Premiered in 2013, the story of this movie revolves around a friend’s group who were told not to enter a foreboding lake, but still, they did. They should have listened because there is a carnivorous fish swimming in the depths of water.

6. Space Amoeba

The oldest creature feature film premiered in 1970. The movie is based on an alien coming to Earth. And it is not as friendly as they show in the MIB movies.

7. Animal

A movie created with a group of friends premiered in 2014. A group of friends went into the woods for some weekend fun, but there they met with a ferocious creature. They start seeking escape in cabins where they find other people hiding from the beast.

8. Long Weekend

Like Space Amoeba, Long Weekend is also the oldest creature film released in 1978. The movie centers on a couple who goes on an isolated camping trip on the beaches. But they are disrespectful as they hurt animals.

9. The Relic

A novel based horror movie released in 1997. The movie follows a scholar reading what happened at the Chicago museum. While researching all this, what she finds is shocking.

10. Abominable

The movie released in 2006 is based on a man’s life who becomes handicapped after a terrible accident. But later with the help of a therapist, he recovers where he met with a horrible trauma. He encountered a terrible monster that has found its way into his neighborhoods’ house, .