Get Ready to Sing and Dance: Everything to Know About HSMTMTS Season 4

HSMTMTS Season 4: Everything You Need to Know


The High School Musical franchise captured hearts in the mid-2000s and continues to do so decades later. Its success also led to the Disney+ series, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (HSMTMTS), which has become an instant fan favorite. With seasons 1 to 3 in the books, fans are eagerly awaiting the fourth season of the hit show. Here’s everything you need to know about HSMTMTS season 4.

1. Season 4 Announcement

Before the third season premiered in July 2022, Disney+ confirmed that HSMTMTS was getting a fourth season. President of Disney Branded Television, Ayo Davis, praised the show for delivering “best in class drama, humor, and heart.” Creator Tim Federle also expressed his gratitude for being able to continue telling these stories and showcasing the show’s stars.

2. Returning Cast Members

The cast of the third season included some new faces but also said goodbye to the character played by Olivia Rodrigo. However, almost everyone from the season 3 finale will return, confirmed Tim Federle. Series regulars for the upcoming season include Joshua Bassett (Ricky), Sofia Wylie (Gina), Dara Reneé (Kourtney), Julia Lester (Ashlyn), Frankie Rodriguez (Carlos), Kate Reinders (Miss Jenn), and Liamani Segura (Emmy). Several recurring cast members from previous seasons will also be back while some new ones will enter the East High scene.

3. Musical of the Season

The students of HSMTMTS will be putting on a musical for their senior year production, and this time, it will be High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Speaking with PEOPLE during an exclusive set visit, Federle explained that they chose this musical because it mirrors the characters’ storylines. It addresses growing up, relationships, and making decisions as the characters prepare for the end of high school.

4. Exclusive First Look

In June 2023, PEOPLE gave an exclusive First Look at season 4 of HSMTMTS, including glimpses of the East High students’ production of High School Musical 3, a special moment between Ricky and Gina, and Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman’s onscreen reunion. Fans were thrilled to see the OG Wildcats back on set.

5. Nostalgia-Inducing Season

According to some of the cast members, season 4 feels like a full-circle moment for the show. Many OG High School Musical stars, such as Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Lucas Grabeel, Bart Johnson, Alyson Reed, and Kaycee Stroh, will make cameos. The storylines in season 4 are inspired by the third HSM movie, and there will be countless nods to the original franchise in terms of music, costumes, and themes.

6. Two New Recurring Cast Members

Two new recurring cast members are set to join the HSMTMTS squad: Descendants: The Rise of Red’s Kylie Cantrall and Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.’s Matthew Sato. Cantrall will play Dani, a social media star with an HSMTMTS version of Ashley Tisdale’s Sharpay personality. On the other hand, Sato will play Mack, a sitcom actor who develops an interesting relationship with Gina.

7. Major Themes

As mentioned earlier, season 4 deals with several big themes, such as growing up, relationships, making decisions, self-discovery, and more. The storylines are inspired by the third High School Musical movie as it celebrated the Wildcats’ graduation. It will be interesting to see how the characters’ journeys will unfold in their final year at East High.

8. Original Soundtrack

HSMTMTS is known for its catchy tunes and impressive musical numbers, and season 4 is expected to deliver the same, if not more. Fans can expect an original soundtrack that will include new songs and reimagined versions of HSM classics. We can’t wait to add new songs to our playlist!

9. Release Date

Unfortunately, a release date for HSMTMTS season 4 hasn’t been announced yet. Fans are hoping for a late 2023 premiere, but some believe it’s more likely to arrive in early 2024, based on production schedules and previous release patterns.

10. Fan Theories and Speculations

Even without an official release date, fans have already started sharing their theories and speculations about season 4. Some are wondering if Nini will make an unexpected return, while others think there will be romantic drama between Ashlyn and Big Red. We’ll have to wait and see if any of these theories come true!


HSMTMTS season 4 promises to be an exciting addition to the show’s already impressive run. With returning cast members, new faces, and nostalgic nods to the original franchise, fans are in for a treat. We can’t wait to see what musical numbers and epic storylines season 4 has in store for us!


1. Will Olivia Rodrigo return for HSMTMTS season 4?

No, Olivia Rodrigo will not be returning for HSMTMTS season 4.

2. When will season 4 premiere?

A release date for HSMTMTS season 4 hasn’t been announced yet.

3. Who are the new recurring cast members for season 4?

Kylie Cantrall and Matthew Sato are the new recurring cast members for HSMTMTS season 4.

4. Will there be more cameo appearances by the original HSM stars?

Yes, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Lucas Grabeel, Bart Johnson, Alyson Reed, and Kaycee Stroh will make cameo appearances in season 4.

5. What themes can we expect to see in HSMTMTS season 4?

HSMTMTS season 4 will focus on themes such as growing up, relationships, making decisions, and self-discovery.