Netflix! Manifest Season 4 Part 2: Release Date, Plot, Trailer & More

Manifest season 4 part 1 premiered on Netflix in late 2022, and since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the concluding episodes of the popular show. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Manifest season 4 part 2, including its release date, plot, trailer, episodes titles, and what the cast and crew have said about this final chapter.

Release Date

Manifest season 4 part 2 will premiere on Netflix on June 2, 2023. This is a significant date, as Manifest fans will know: June 2, 2024, is the predicted Death Date for the 828 passengers.


A trailer for Manifest season 4 part 2 dropped on May 18, 2023. You can check it out below:


Here’s Netflix’s summary of part 2: “In the aftermath of Angelina unleashing a devastating volcanic fissure, the passengers face severe scrutiny in a world fueled by 828er hate, no longer free to solve their own Callings without constant supervision by the unscrupulous 828 Registry. A mysterious accident delivers ominous warnings on a biblical scale that will further jeopardize the livelihood of all the passengers.

“As Michaela grieves the loss of her beloved husband Zeke, she must team up with her old flame Jared to find new methods to investigate Callings. Meanwhile, Ben and Saanvi attempt to collaborate with the Registry authorities, which only leads to dire results for the passengers. Miraculously, a mythological event reactivates Cal’s sapphire-laden dragon scar, offering a glimmer of hope for the 828ers to survive the rapidly approaching Death Date. But Angelina’s nefarious sapphire powers continue to wreak havoc, leading to a struggle between good and evil down to their very last day in this most terrifying, suspenseful and joyous chapter of the Manifest story.”

Episode Titles

Per Collider, the episode titles for Part 2 are:

  • Episode 411: “Final Descent”
  • Episode 412: “Bug Out”
  • Episode 413: “Ghost Plane”
  • Episode 414: “Fata Morgana”
  • Episode 415: “Throttle”
  • Episode 416: “Furball”
  • Episode 417: “Threshold”
  • Episode 418: “Lift/Drag”
  • Episode 419: “Formation”
  • Episode 420: “Final Boarding”

Cast and Crew Comments

In an interview, creator Jeff Rake hinted at what fans can expect in the final part, saying: “It’s up to Ben, Mick, and perhaps mostly Cal to defeat Angelina as we make our way into the final block. The problem is that Angelina becomes increasingly powerful.” He also suggested that the final part will be the “most urgent” of all, saying: “Even the most rational among us would start to lose it as you get closer and closer to a potential doomsday. That makes things quite more urgent, makes people a little bit more out of their mind.”

Eagan’s Role in Part 2

We know that we’ll be seeing more of one character in particular: Eagan, who you’ll remember as the guy who kidnapped Vance’s son. When asked who would surprise fans the most in the final part, Rake named Eagan, saying, “The guy has layers after all.”


Manifest season 4 part 2 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated TV events of 2023. With its release date on June 2, fans are counting down the days until they can find out what happens to the passengers of Flight 828. Will they live, or will they fall victim to the Death Date?


1. Will there be a Manifest season 5?

No, the second part of season 4 will be the last chapter of the show, so there will never be a Manifest season 5.

2. Where can I watch Manifest online?

Manifest is exclusively available on Netflix, so you can watch it online on Netflix only.

3. Who are the main characters in Manifest?

The main characters in Manifest are Ben Stone, Michaela Stone, Saanvi Bahl, Grace Stone, Olive Stone, and Cal Stone.

4. How many seasons of Manifest are there?

There are four seasons of Manifest, with the second part of season 4 being the final chapter of the show.

5. Who created Manifest?

Manifest was created by Jeff Rake.