Get ready for a new RuneScape adventure: Necromancy, Fort Forinthry and more!

RuneScape Development Update: Necromancy, Fort Forinthry and more

RuneScape Development Update: Necromancy, Fort Forinthry and more

Hello fellow ‘Scapers! Are you ready for some exciting news about the latest RuneScape updates? We’ve got some amazing things coming up, including the highly anticipated Necromancy Skill, new Seasonal Content for Fort Forinthry, and much more. Here’s everything you need to know:


Unveiling the Skill

On May 30th, RuneScape fans will finally get their first-ever look at Necromancy! The team behind our latest Skill will unveil the core pillars of the Necromancy Skill experience alongside some first-ever gameplay. This is a momentous occasion for the RuneScape community, as Necromancy has been long-awaited and shrouded in mystery. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Season of Content

Not only will Necromancy be a fully fledged complete new Skill later this year, but its launch will also begin a whole new Season of content themed around Necromancy. The RuneScape team is building on the learnings of our previous Content Seasons to deliver even more Necromancy goodness beyond the release of the Skill.

Beta Testing

To give our players the most detailed look at a new Skill ever, we’re letting you get your hands on Necromancy before it’s officially released. Beta Worlds will be available starting May 4th, where you’ll be able to test out the proposed changes to FSOA and Animate Dead. You’ll need your existing RuneScape account to copy over onto the server, and if you’re looking to playtest the changes, you’ll need to have FSOA and/or Animate Dead.

Fort Forinthry

Woodcutters’ Grove

Woodcutting is getting some much-needed love! The Fort Forinthry Season is getting a new Woodcutting training area, upgraded Fort with new Woodcutting bonus-laden building, and a brand-new T80 Hatchet to earn. Plus, we’re making balancing improvements to the Woodcutting experience alongside the update.

Dead and Buried

The Fort Forinthry Content Season is coming to a close after two big moments, but there are still stories yet untold in Fort Forinthry. Get ready for a new Quest with even more Fort upgrades and some storyline revelations to keep you engaged.

Max Cash Limit Changes

Reduced Death Costs

Following our Death Cost reductions earlier this year, we’re now almost ready to release the much-awaited change to enable Max Cash to go above the current limit of 2.14b. Expect to see it this May. We’ve also made other Quality of Life changes to the system, including a fresh new UI design, a new ‘overflow’ inventory, item sacrificing being removed, and the 24 hour item reclaim limit being removed!

Grand Exchange Sales Tariff

We’ll need to make adjustments elsewhere in the economy to implement these changes; death costs account for a whopping 62% of gold removed from the game! To compensate, we’ll be introducing a 2% Grand Exchange sales tariff. This means a selling player will receive 2% less gold, but it is a small price to pay to keep the economy in balance!

Summer Island Update

New Jungle Island

Players can now explore a jungle island with new adventures and mysteries to take on. To explore this content, players will need to complete the recent ‘Desperate Times’ Quest first. Be sure to complete it and avoid spoilers before rolling out more details on the new content in the coming weeks!


We’re excited to bring you these updates and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Stay tuned for even more exciting developments in the future. Happy ‘Scaping!


1. What is Necromancy in RuneScape?

Necromancy is the latest RuneScape Skill, set to be released later this year. It is a powerful magic that involves reanimating the dead and manipulating life forces.

2. When will Necromancy be released in RuneScape?

The Necromancy Skill will be released later this year, with a Season of Content themed around Necromancy to follow its launch.

3. What is the Fort Forinthry Content Season?

The Fort Forinthry Content Season is a series of updates and events in RuneScape centered around the Fort Forinthry area. It includes new quests, training areas, upgrades and more.

4. When will the reduced death costs and other Quality of Life changes take effect in RuneScape?

The death costs and other changes will take effect in May, with the reduced Max Cash limit enabled at that time.

5. What is the Summer Island update in RuneScape?

The Summer Island update adds a new jungle island to the RuneScape map with new adventures and mysteries for players to explore. To access it, players will need to complete the ‘Desperate Times’ quest first.