Get Ready For A Bloodbath In The Brand New Upcoming Third Season Of Narcos: Mexico. Check out release date, cast, plot and all latest details.

While the last season of Narcos: Mexico has left fans all shaken up, we are already expecting a better than ever a third season already! Netflix has yet to announce an official release date or other information regarding the renewal status of the show.

What Is The Current Renewal Status Of Narcos: Mexico In Netflix?

This show is a popular spinoff Netflix Original crime drama series created by Chris Brancato and Doug Miro. Although originally scheduled to become the fourth season of the popular crime-drama series Narcos. The makers ultimately, made the decision was to produce Narcos: Mexico as a spin-off.

The show stars actors like Diego Luna and Michael Pena. The series has been an incredible platform for the pair to show off their acting abilities. Netflix is surely going according to its trend of waiting a while before announcing the renewal status of any particular show.

Is The Third Season Going To Be A Story Of Bloodbath?

As fans witnessed earlier the power and influence that FΓ©lix had amassed over the course of his time as head of the Guadalajara Cartel. However, it was just as easily dismantled in a few fell swoops and turned into a bloodbath.

Now that Felix is no longer there to maintain peace in Mexico, there is going to be a possible blood bath with bloodshed awaiting in the third season. Let’s just say that the war on drugs has just begun! Now with Felix out of the scene we also need a new antagonist as well. So, the third season will bring about an array of issues and their solutions as well. All we need to do is wait a while for the third season.