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Get latest Updates about your favourite movie THE ROPE CURSE’s sequel!!! Check out details of Season 2 of the movie!!!

Well, if you are a horror movies fan and loves to watch Asian Movies you might have heard about the Taiwanese Horror movie ‘THE ROPE CURSE’ and already have watched it. The 1 hour 46 minutes movie has already grabbed people’s attention and the fans get hyperventilate about every news they receive of Season 2 of their favorite movie. And if you are a fan of THE ROPE CURSE, or I shall call a very big and extremely excited for season 2, you will definitely get excited after knowing the release date of the sequel of your favourite movie. Read out the blog post to check out the LATEST MOVIE UPDATES!!!

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The Rope Curse Season 2 officially announced:

The teroor and horror is returning on the screens with Season 2 of “The Rope Curse”. The movie’s first season of the movie divulged on the screens two years ago on 31 August in 2018. Based on the Taiwanese famous ritual, the movie has spectacular horror. Written by Keng-Ming Chang and directed by Shih-Han Liaohe the storyline and the niche plot of horror captured the fans’ hearts and are eagerly waiting for the sequel to be released on the screens as soon as possible.

For the good news, the movie has been officially.


The trailer of the movie is apparently ranting the terror to be foundin the sequel.

Storyline and Cast:

Starring Lee Kang-sheng,Wilson Hsu,Vera Chen, season two of the movie will have similar background in its story with advancements made. It would be super-exciting to see how the story takes turn in Season 2 of the movie.

Season 2 will revolve around a character named Jia-min. Jia-min has the ability to sense paranormal activities since birth.

When is the season 2 hitting the screens???

The accurate answer to your question is 30 December, 2020. The movie will be available on the famous streaming Platform, Netflix on 3oth of December this year.

The Rope Curse 2 (2020) - ALL HORROR

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