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Get Into The Holiday Spirit With These All Time Favourite Shows And Their Christmas Special Episodes!

With Christmas around the corner, the streaming platform is making sure that fans are getting the holidays feels way before the day arrives!

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With These Christmas Special Episodes Of Popular Shows!

You can tune in to some of these specific shows and series that celebrates the holiday in their special way! Here are some of the listed popular series and some of their special holiday episodes to get into the spirit!

When it comes to Christmas, the iconic series Friends always had their special Christmas and Thanksgiving episodes, tune into the 10th episode of season 7 for Christmas special! Like Friends, many such popular series like Brooklyn Nine-Nine( episode 10, season 3), Gilmore Girls( season 5, episode 9), comedy series New Girl( episode 9, season 1). These episodes are all about the Christmas  season and you just cannot miss them especially when all these are streaming on Netflix! So, get hold of these shows now!

Don’t Miss Out Newly Released Romantic Comedy Drama, Dash & Lily!

While these series having some Christmas special episodes, you can also binge watch some heartwarming series that is all about the quintessential holiday spirit! Don’t miss the newly released series, Dash&Lily where two people meet only to discover that one of them hates Christmas! If you haven’t already seen the show yet, let us introduce you Dash and Lily and whole lot of holiday craziness around!


What happens after this shocking discovery is a bittersweet story of the holiday season and how one just gets the hang of it with time! Even the ones who are cynical about the festive season! The show is one of the new releases and the first season will surely keep you hooked ! 

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