Get Into The Halloween Spirits With Netflix’s New Horror- Comedy Movie, Hubie Halloween: Adam Sandler pays a sweet tribute to Cameron Boyce!


Halloween festivities are almost here and Netflix is making sure that the subscribers get to experience the soon season even during this quarantine. What is Halloween without a good horror movie?

Netflix Horror Comedy Hubie Halloween Is All About The Halloween Spirits!

Adam Sandler is all set with his recent horror-comedy movie Hubie Halloween. The film is streaming on Netflix and let’s just say that star cast will tickle your funny bones and scare you at the same time! If you haven’t already seen the movie, here’s the trailer for Hubie Halloween.

Adam Sandler stars as Hubie Dubois who loves Halloween in Salem and tales on the responsibility to protect his city during the festivities in Salem, Massachusetts. However, Hubie faces a challenge when the town experience eerie occurrences and people starts to disappear. The town seems to be in grave danger as someone dangerous is out on the loose!

Hubie Dubois Is Here To Save His Hometown From The Halloween Horror!

With an ever bigger twist at the end, the movie is a light-hearted watch for you and your whole family. If horror-comedy is what you are looking for, this movie is worth your time and attention. The movie also stars Julie Bowen, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, and Tim Meadows. With such an impressive star cast, you will be hooked till the end, along with a mind boggling twist in the end.

So, get into your Halloween spirits with the people of Salem as they celebrate one of the most awaited festival of the year, the biggest question is are these people safe enough with danger looming large ? Get to know how Hubie saves the day in the movie, Hubie Halloween is streaming on Netflix.