Get a Thrilling Review of The Blacklist Season 10 and Its Exciting Finale!

The Blacklist Season 10: A Review of the Episodes and Its End

The Blacklist is a popular crime thriller series that has entertained its fans for over a decade now. The exciting show is now in its final season, with viewers eager to know how the stories of its beloved characters will conclude. From The Nowhere Bride to the series finale, the show has offered thrilling plotlines that have kept audiences fascinated. This article will provide an in-depth review of The Blacklist Season 10 episodes and its end.

Season 10 Episodes and Plots

Episode 1 – The Endling

The tenth season kicked off with a bang, with the highly-anticipated episode The Endling. The episode started with the shocking scene of Raymond Reddington (James Spader) getting arrested. The Task Force is left to wonder what is behind his arrest, and an unlikely ally helps them look for answers. Meanwhile, Reddington’s associates deal with the fallout of his arrest.

Episode 2 – The Courrier

The second episode of the season, The Courrier, saw the Task Force go after a courier for a criminal organization that specializes in nuclear material. Keen (Megan Boone) and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) partner with an Interpol agent to close in on the courier while Reddington tries to keep his eye on the bigger picture.

Episode 3 – The Endling Part 2

In the third episode of season 10, The Endling Part 2, the Task Force works to help Reddington after one of his associates is kidnapped. The kidnapper demands that Reddington be traded for the associate. Meanwhile, Keen and Ressler continue their search for the truth behind Reddington’s arrest.

Episode 4 – The Techtonic

The Techtonic is the fourth episode of season 10. The task force goes after a cybercriminal organization that threatens to release sensitive government information unless they are paid a ransom. Meanwhile, Reddington learns that an old associate may have betrayed him to the authorities.

Episode 5 – The Courier’s Daughter

The fifth episode of the season focused on a new Blacklister called The Courier’s Daughter. The Task Force learns of a tragic story of a young girl who had to work as a courier for her parents’ smuggling business. Meanwhile, Reddington confronts his betrayer but faces consequences he did not expect.

The End of The Blacklist

Why Season 10 is the Final Season

The Blacklist has been on the air for over a decade, and while it may be hard to say goodbye, everything must come to an end. The showrunners decided that Season 10 is the perfect time to wrap up the series and give its characters a proper conclusion. There is no word yet on whether there will be a spin-off.

How the Show Will End

The showrunners of The Blacklist have been tight-lipped on how the series will end, preferring to keep the suspense for their audience. However, they have promised that the final season will bring closure to all the characters and offer answers to the mysteries that have fascinated viewers for years.


The Blacklist Season 10 has been thrilling so far, reinforcing why the show has been a favorite of viewers for over a decade. The series has navigated intricate plotlines with ease, providing nail-biting moments that have kept fans at the edge of their seats. The showrunners’ promise of delivering a satisfying conclusion to all the characters and stories offers a fitting end to a beloved series.


1. When will the last episode of The Blacklist air?

The last episode of The Blacklist will air sometime in 2023.

2. Will there be a spin-off of The Blacklist?

There is no word yet on whether there will be a spin-off of The Blacklist.

3. Why did the showrunners decide to end The Blacklist after season 10?

The showrunners wanted to give the show and its characters a satisfying ending after over a decade on the air.

4. How can I watch The Blacklist season 10?

The Blacklist season 10 can be watched on NBC on Thursdays at 8/7c and streaming on Peacock.

5. Will the show answer all the mysteries before the series finale?

The showrunners have promised to answer all the mysteries before the series finale, offering fans a satisfying conclusion.