Get A Taste Of Royalty In A Different Way In Hulu’s New Show The Great. But Is the series Really Great Though? Here’s our review on it.

Streaming network Hulu has come up with a brand new ten series titled The Great. As the name suggests the show revolves around a royal figure however there’s a catch in the story!  Let us look at the newest royal couple in this new Hulu show.

Don’t Forget To Watch The New Hulu Series The Great! Here’s What We Know.

The series revolves around Empress Catherine The Great, the longest-reigning female ruler in Russia. However, as the story proceeds, fans soon released that the ruler is well, not that great! Moreover, she goes in to marry Emperor Peter who again isn’t that great either.

As the title seems to be a satire and seems to a witty and comic story of the ruler finding it difficult to rule in the initial stages only to come out all strong and capable as a leader along with some hardship in her way. Take a look at the trailer that the streaming service released to get a glimpse of what’s ahead.

The Show Has An Interesting Take On The Russian Court And Rule During That Time.

Elle Fanning shines in her role as Catherine who after getting her romantic whims and fancies destroyed in a rather funny way, decides to overthrow the Rule and rule herself. She conspires with her reliable savvy servant only to reach the top.

The Great is indeed an interesting fact. This quarantine period, it is no doubt funny, witty, and is an apt satire on the Russian court during that time. While the women in the court are pretty much engaged in mindless activities, the men indulge in jokes that are not funny and hunting and other mainstream activities.