Georgia and Auburn final match scores: The winning score was low due to Bulldogs defense.

Georgia’s defense methods could easily shut out Auburn during the first three quarters on Saturday. Jake Fromm and the offense could build a three-score lead. However, the Bulldogs were in such a position that they turned the match into a nailbiting experience. They needed multiple stops to avoid overtime or worse conditions.

Both the teams got these stops, and the No 13 Tigers downs on consecutive drives turned over. Hence the lead trimmed to seven points late during the fourth quarter. Due to these stops, Georgia could secure a 21-14 road win in a defensive battle. In the College Football Playoff Race, this defensive battle keeps the Bulldogs alive. At the Jordon- Hare stadium, it was hard for yards to come by. Each team had the opportunity of 15 drives, and the defenses forced together 14-three and outs.

Even though there were multiple difficulties, Georgia managed to score a touchdown in all three quarters, all bypass from Fromm. He had just 110 passing yards while DeAndre had 106. In the third quarter, the Bulldogs opened a 21-0 lead late. The Tigers had 178 yards of total offense by then, and the result was uncertain. Quarterback Bo Nix and Auburn came alive by then and scored in the next two drives. Georgia no longer played in offense by then, and the Bulldogs went three and out on the next consecutive possessions.

Here are the major moments from the game and the final score. In the first quarter, Dominick Blaylock performed a 51-yard pass from Jake Fromm. At this point, Georgia had 7 points, while Auburn had 0. In the second quarter, Brian Herrien did a 5-yard pass from Jake Fromm. Now Georgia had 14 points while Auburn had 0. In the third quarter, Auburn was still at 0, while Georgia had 21 points. Eli Wolf did a 5-yard pass from Jake Fromm.

In the fourth quarter, things changed for a bit. Eli Stove did a 3-yard pass from Bo Nix. By then, Georgia had 21 points, while Auburn had 7 points. In the fourth quarter, Bo Nix scored a 2-yard run. The final score was Georgia-21 and Auburn-14.