George Clooney, U2 and Gladys Knight Felicitated at Kennedy Center honors 2022

American culture got praised in Kennedy Center Honors

Kennedy Center Honors of 2022 has a lot more to talk about than expected. This time it included renowned personalities like George Clooney, U2 and the Cuban American composer Tania León. All were the honorees this year according to the arts organization.

The Kennedy Center Honors was presented by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. It was 45th Kennedy Center Honors recipients and it represented the American film and music with a little political twist.

George Clooney

As per the tradition, Joe Biden and his family joined the Kennedy Center Honors first. The Irish band ‘U2’ which includes Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. are best known for taking the American culture forward since 1980s by their unique style of music.

How can we forget Leon who has contributed to a lot by providing her original composition, was also honored with the Pulitzer Prize in Music for her most loved ‘Stride’. Grant and Knight who didn’t let people forget the Christian genre; Grant was the first one to be counted when it comes to bringing contemporary Christian music while Knight is considered to be the “Empress of Soul” due to her dual performance as a solo artist and as a frontwoman.

Clooney is proud to be Biden’s supporter

Meanwhile Clooney shares his experience after being a part of Kennedy Center honors. He finds it “exciting surprise.” Being a Kentucky citizen, which is a small town and not very much known to many, Clooney never imagined of being a Kennedy Center honoree. He said, “To be mentioned in the same breath with the rest of these incredible artists is an honor.”

Instagram/Joe Biden

Clooney admires Biden as a president for being honest for the people and he feels that he has very pure intentions as per the greatest legislations he has passed. He finds Biden not being bragging about his work and Clooney was proud to be his supporter. Moreover, Clooney wasn’t really a fan of Donald trump as he clearly said that he was ” dead wrong” in 2016 and he further said that “I am not allowed to talk about it anymore.”

That was it for the Kennedy Center Honors, do check further updates.