General Hospital: Spoilers about the ABC mediacal drama. What did Carley do this time?


General Hospital is a popular American show based on medical is one of the best the largest American show on television. General Hospital was started in the year 1968 on ABC television network.

The show is created by Frank and Doris Hursley. Depicted by Chris van Etten and Dan O’Connor. General Hospital earned Emmys Award 13 times. That marks the most win by any show. Carley Corninthos is one of the most prominent characters of General Hospital. Since 2005, her role is played by Laura Wright. Carley Cornithose is an illicit daughter of Bobby Spencer(Jacklyn Zemen).

Every time Carley gets herself into critical problems, fans always fear about her. Her Role was first introduced back in 1996 by actress Sara Joy who remained with the soap up to 2001. Then the role was given to Tamara brawn. After 2005 this role was played by Laura Wright.

When Carley was first introduced in the show, she got admission to the nursing program at GH. The purpose of getting admission is to get closer to her mother, Bobbie Spencer. When Bobbie Spencer denied Carley, she took avenge by seducing her husband Tonny Jones. Tonny kidnapped Michael to protect him from Jason and Sonny.

Carley by misunderstanding slept with Sonny. Carley got pregnant and married to Sonny in the year 2002. Due to chaos between them, Carley started dating Alcazar. Due to so much stress, she suffers a nervous breakdown and admitted to Mental Hospital. After recovering, Carley was in a relationship with Johnny Zacchara. She and Franco discovered a tape which disclosed that A.J was killed by Sonny. Corinthos was shocked when she got to know that Nelle Benson who had to pretend to Seduce Sonny to destroy her was the daughter of her adopted Donor. Carley gave birth to a cute daughter and her Donna.

The role of Carley in the current year has been decreasing. What is ahead for the character? Stick around to find out.