Pandemic Affected Candyman too; The Reboot of 2019 Hit Movie got Postponed

The plot of Candyman is based on a short story of Clive Barker, “The Foundation.” Now the movie is getting a reboot from the movie in 2019. This new movie will have so many interesting things. The satire of the movie is filled with supernatural powers and much more action. This reboot is officially confirmed, and here is everything you need to know about.

Release date

The movie was going to release on June 12, this year. However, the pandemic that has brought world to standstill, has got release date of the movie postponed like all other movies. Therefore release date of this movie too is postponed, and now it will release on September 25, 2020. We will not have to wait for so long as this postpone just for few months. Meanwhile, if the situation gets worse than the release date could change again.


According to the director of the movie Nia Dacosta, the role of Candyman is done by Tony Todd. However, rumors were, we will see Abdul Mateen II in the role of Candyman. So, for now, it is not confirmed who we would see as CandymanCandyman.


The trailer of the movie is out on YouTube. This trailer of the movie got released in February 2020, so you can enjoy the trailer right now.


Since the movie is a reboot as the old movie, therefore we would see various similarities between the two movies. We also saw some similarities in the trailer. Now there can be a plot twist in the movie which is not confirmed yet, and we do not know what the new things added in this movie are. So this new movie will be a total surprise for us.