Gayle King’s and Lisa Leslie were on the different page about Bryant’s Sex allegations???

By 5 months ago

Gayle King is facing criticisms after she asked in an interview about allegations against Kobe Bryant in 2003.

Gayle King faces backlash on Kobe Bryant’s rape claim

CBS anchor Gayle asked Lisa Leslie about the 2003 rape allegation about her friend Kobe Bryant’s, which wake up after his death. Gayle asked the former Los Angeles Sparks player Leslie that made the rape allegation against Kobe really existed? She replied on it that the legacy is too much complicated because of a sexual assault charge against Kobe’s legacy. King also asked her that it was a tough one for a woman or a WNBA player to clarify the matter.

Leslie knew Kobe when she was only 18 years old said in the CBS interview. Further, she told Gayle that that’s was not complicated to her. She also said that Kobe was not that type of guy, and she shared a few times with him at the club at the same time. She has some other fans who are like that, but Kobe was not that type of guy.

Hotel worker accused Kobe of sexual assault in 2003

A 19-year-old hotel worker accused of sexual assault in 2003 against Kobe. According to Leslie that Kobe was not that type of guy, and further, she added that someone did something to violate a woman or aggressive course of action, but he was not that kind of person as she knew him. Again Gayle asked her that she couldn’t see him like that because he was her friend. The immediate reply from her side that maybe it’s possible and she didn’t trust that, and she also told that it would be possible. But she denied believing that it came out with force.

Further, Gayle asked that it was a fair question to talk about that, and he is no longer with them to resolve that, or that was a history of his life. According to her that the media should be more responsible for that, and she added that they had so many times to ask those questions to him. Gayle also stated that the case was dismissed because the victim of the case was refused to testify. She replied on it that how they should leave it.