Gary Sinise’s Early Christmas Gift to Children of Fallen Soldier was a emotional tribute and makes him a true philanthropist!!

Gary Sinise, who is an actor, is also known for his charity activities. He started his own Gary Sinise Foundation to provide free trips to children and surviving members of the fallen of the country.

Gary Sinise hosts a pre-Christmas trip

Gary Sinise, the 64-year-old actor, and philanthropist in collaboration with American Air, organized for a five-day vacation for around 1700 family members along with children to show gratitude to their family members for serving in the American Military. On Saturday, they were flown to Orlando abroad, the Snowball Express. He took everyone to Walt Disney World via the Snowball Express Portion to enjoy a 5-day stay.
Gary Sinise Foundation hosts it every year in the month of December for the children of the fallen and their surviving partners or family. Gary Sinise Foundation also serves the needs of defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and communities.
The children and family members were even honored at the airport in Nashville by passengers. The whole airport even stopped and sang the national anthem with the military present in salute.

How did the Foundation start?


Happy Children and Family member

Other than being an actor and musician, Actor Gary Sinise is also known for his humanitarian work and philanthropist. He is a long-time supporter of veterans and military families causes. Due to this in 2007, he was approached by Snowball Express and showed him a video of the event. He signed to support the cause for and also performed for the children. Eventually, he went to found on his own Gary Sinise Foundation in 2011, and Snowball Express jointed him in his cause.

Snowball Express is one of the programs under the Foundation started in the year 2017, where five days free trip is provided to Gold Star kids of the fallen to Disneyland. His main aim for starting the cause was to make them feel remembered and show them that they are not alone.