Gary Payton reveals and sees Stephen Curry as not a guard?

Why does Gary Payton believe that Warriors’ Steph Curry isn’t true point guard? Well, some say it is because of the kind of looks short.  Stephen even appears in the far left and brings a ball to the court. Because of these reasons, people believe, and it can be viewed as Stephen to a guard. But Gary denies it. According to him, it is a difficult question to ask, and for Stephen to be a point guard is totally absurd.

In the game, there is no point guard. Everyone plays well and according to the matches. Stephen Curry is a good player, and so for him to be a point guard is a wrong assumption.

In fact, people have assumed many players to be a point guard. But they were not all a point guard. Also, Gary says that Stephen is not a point guard but a two-guard. Even by looking at Russell Westbrook, he is also assumed by people as a poisoned guard. But there also the assumption is wrong. He is not a point guard. He is also a two-guard.

Another example is James Harden. He is also thought of as a point guard. But he is also a two-guard. The list goes on. Many people have assumed that many of the players are point guards, but in fact, they are not. They are playing as two guards.

These players have good potential to be at this level to be given a position like this. So, thinking wrong assumptions like this is clearly absurd. It is people who should realize the value and potential of these players and not assume them for the wrong position.

Stephen Curry is one of the good players. He is an advantage for the team. So with all the players together, the team will be a better one.