Gaming Alert!!!! Microsoft brings all the brand new Gamers!

Halo Infinite gameplay is going throw some major surprises at E3 2019. This will be the first glimpse of what is in store for people who become nostalgic remembering playing in Blood Gulch.

Although it doesn’t sound much like the Xbox Project Scarlett, it is quite obvious that Halo Infinite is going to emerge as a next-gen game. There are rumors that the Xbox Project Scarlett is not going to show up to any of E3 2019 games.

Gaming Alert!!!! Microsoft brings all the brand new Gamers! 1
Image: The Verge

Halo Infinite is to be played by using a PC and the Xbox controller instead. This is so that the PC can comfortably run the game at the settings equal or close to that of Xbox Project Scarlett. Hence we might expect that the game we are going to see during the Xbox briefing is going to be the same as the quality that we’ll get when it is going to be released on consoles.

Thanks to the leak of Fable 4, we now know that the fantasy RPG, Halo Infinite is being released at E3 too. Leaks prove that it is going to come fast his year. This shows that a lot of people are going to be happy with Microsoft.

There are a lot of other rumors that the recent Halo Infinite trailer has been hiding a sound clip of Cortana all this while. It is also believed that Microsoft is going to make quite some interesting reveals about the Xbox Project Scarlett. Sabi, a trusted source has tweeted that Halo Infinite is going to be launched alongside Scarlett Project in the window of holiday 2020.

The E3 event has been previously used by Microsoft to showcase their new IPs, exclusive titles and state of the art hardware. It was in one of these conferences that Microsoft has showcased the Xbox One X.