Game Of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Might Have Found Her Real Life Knight! Here’s All About who she’s dating!

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams who became a big name overnight after her brave portrayal of Arya Stark. While her romance with Gendry was loved by fans, we are sure fans would like to know who Arya’s real-life beau is!

Take a Look At Who Is Arya Stark Dating In Real Life!

Maisie Williams has tried to keep a low profile when it comes to her However, it seems like she could not keep her love life a secret although she tried to keep a rather hush-hush affair around it. The Game Of Thrones actress is apparently dating Reuben Selby.

While both of them tried to keep a rather low profile and have not opened up much about their love life in general, the two had made several appearances at the Wimbledon grounds and Selby also came as Maisie’s date at Sophie Turner’s wedding. So, fans were pretty quick to know that something is definitely brewing between the two. Take a look at this adorable picture of the two dressed in white!

The Two Also Attended Sophie Turner’s Wedding As Well.

Reuben Selby is the co-founder of both modeling and a creative agency as well. They have introduced some popular models over the time. The two might have met when Reuben earlier served as the communications director for Maisie. It is an app founded by Williams and producer Dom Santry and helps creatives and artists to network well and communicate.

While the two has not explicitly talked about their relationship as such, however, the actress did post picture where both of them were dressed in white. The romance sparks were flying back from 2019 and even now the couple is going strong together.