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Game of Thrones New Update: Natalie who plays Wildling Osha felt strange at the season’s finale! Was the ending different then how it ended??

Game of Thrones actress Natalia Tena did not like the way the show ended. Natalia Tena ranted almost for an hour when the show’s final season came to a close. In the series Game of Thrones, Natalia Tena portrayed the character Wildling Osha. Natalia Tena appeared in 16 episodes in the entire 8 season of Game of Thrones.

Natalie Tena told on Kate Thornton’s podcast, White Wine Question time, that she had very much enjoyed the season until Maisie William’s character ended up killing the Night King. Natalie Tena opined that the track veered off after this incident and was not very happy about it.

Natalie Tena explained that she quite did not understand the plot after that. Natalie Tena said that the way the season wrapped up was completely different than any other season and that it felt like the plot was written by completely different people. Natalie Tena said that it did not make any sense as to why it was different.

Natalie Tena recalled that when she was watching the season on the houseboat, she shares with her boyfriend, she ended up whining about the way the series ended. Her boyfriend left the boat because of that, and she called a friend later to rant to him.

Natalie Tena’s character Wildling Osha is one of the free folk who lives north of the Wall for almost three seasons. They were killed by Ramsay Bolton as she returned to the show in the sixth season of the show, Game of Thrones.

On the other hand, Faye said that people are going to be unhappy with the way the show ended. Faye said that she was thankful to all the fans of Game of Thrones as it was because of them she was in the job. Faye ended the podcast saying that the fans are going to be annoyed in any way the show ended.

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