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Game and Reason and TEKASHI 6IX9INE get into a feud as the former exposes the latter regarding a controversy!

Disrespect is taken seriously by many who have sentiments attached to certain things. Be it of a lower of higher intensity, what can cause disrespect to an individual has to be taken seriously and if required, be apologized for. Game and Reason are the two individuals who were known in the recent days for the act of bravery that they did by calling out Tekashi for the act that he had committed. What was done by the latter is called to be making the limelight and the headlines due to the contempt of disrespect that it had in it?

What was the chain of events that happened which lead to the online beef?

Tekashi was the one who had posted a video of himself at a Hussle mural. This was taken too far by the contemporaries who started pointing out the amount of disrespect that it had carried in itself. The result of that was him making comments in return and refusing to apologize for a said by Game and Reason, both. This was an event that caught much attention and was known for the number of controversies it carried with itself.

This was the reason why their Instagram handles were going viral and were the top trending issue of talks in the street. Whatever happened, whether it was right or wrong is the matter which needs to be discussed before it can be concluded anything from. Fans were seen taking sides in the matter, with some members of the group supporting Tekashi and some going against him.

Whatever was the outcome, it was unfortunate that it got attention in a negative sense and before one could make comments on the incident, it was made clear that what the two sides had to say was by themselves.


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