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GambleAware Releases 5 Year Plan to Fight Gambling Related Harm

The UK gambling industry is set to experience a massive change in the coming months as the UK Government commissioned a special review of the archaic 2005 Gaming Act. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) was not commissioned to carry out the investigation as the gambling watchdog was put under the scanner for failing in its responsibilities.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) was given the task of running the investigation which commenced in 2020. DCMS is expected to make significant changes that will offer UK players better protection and protect them from gambling harm.

GambleAware Five Year Plan

While the UK gambling industry awaits the results of this investigation, GambleAware is taking steps to be more effective and address the growing concerns of problem gambling in the UK market. GambleAware is one of the premier gambling awareness organizations in the UK.

GambleAware works together with the UKGC to roll out its National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms across the UK. The organization recently released its five-year plan to reduce gambling harm across the UK. This five-year plan will see GambleAware collaborate with the UKGC and licensed operators to ensure that their responsible gambling measures continue to be effective and problem gamblers can opt-out at any time by taking advantage of self-exclusion measures.

Even if a problem gambler has opted out of playing at a specific online casino, there are always new casinos ready to accept Canadian players. GambleAware has also released a new organizational strategy that adopts an integrated approach to make a bigger impact in the gambling market.

Key Objectives To Focus On

The key objectives released by GambleAware directly address the critical thinking process and the response surrounding problem gambling. The first objective is to make players and stakeholders across the country more aware of gambling-related harms and give them a deeper understanding of gambling addiction.

Better Awareness

A big push from GambleAware will push the prevention is better than cure narrative. The UK has witnessed a massive spike in problem gambling numbers during the last 5 years that multiple gambling opponents have claimed that if problem gambling is not addressed successfully; gambling addiction could be one of the main epidemics that the UK medical industry will have to deal with going forward.

The UK government and the gambling regulator have taken major steps to reduce problem gambling addiction by banning credit card use at gambling sites, reducing the fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT) minimum bet to £1, and getting multiple UK banks to give their customers an option to self-exclude themselves from gambling sites.

GambleAware believes that UK players need to be educated a lot more of how easy it is to succumb to gambling addiction. Information will also be rolled out during the next five years that will make it easier for players to recognize problem addiction signs and give them tools to help them address these urges and not fall into gambling addiction.

These measures from GambleAware will also address gambling-related suicides. Those impacted by problem gambling will be urged to reach out and get the help they need at the earliest.

Better Services

The second key objective of GambleAware is to provide UK players with better access to gambling-related services. One way to do this is to make the National Gambling Treatment Service more impactful. GambleAware will be able to do this thanks to the additional funding that is expected to come in from licensed gaming operators who are committed to the cause of reducing problem gambling in the UK.

GambleAware will partner with a wide network of organizations and charities throughout the country and use this network of over 40 vendors to collaborate and provide much-needed help to problem gamblers. Some of these network vendors will include gambling addiction organizations, youth educational clubs, women’s prevention campaigns, faith leaders, debt advisors, and research programs.

GambleAware will work with these network providers to give them specific training that will help them provide valuable information and help that problem gamblers need. GambleAware will require significant funding for these initiatives but is confident that it will have enough funds in its kitty thanks to the long-term financial commitments made by licensed gaming operators.

Long Term Strategy

GambleAware CEO Zoë Osmond a key initiative of the five-year plan is to ensure that the National Gambling Treatment Service is more effective and accessible. The goal is to work together with the National Health Service (NHS) and offer a range of prevention activities and special treatment services.

Osmond said that they will look to accomplish all of this within 2026 and look to lay down a foundation that will allow these initiatives to continue even after the five-year plan comes to an end.

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