From Rags to Riches: WoW TBC Gold Farming Guide

There are many ways to farm gold. Maybe you like to roam around and farm mats or influence the server’s economy through auction house. Yet, here are some reliable methods to get gold in TBC Classic. We will follow the routes of World of Warcraft gold farming guides, to see what the most efficient goldmaking endeavor is.  Only here on

The game provides a ton of opportunities and methods to farm gold both in the old world of Azeroth and newly discovered Outlands. In TBC gold farming can be done in two ways:

  • professions
  • farming


In Burning Crusade, all professions were made viable and balanced; you can profit off any profession you choose, yet there are some exceptional goldmine like professions.

Getting money off professions is often the most reliable way. For example, you could sell crafted goods on auction house and dispose of spare mats the same way. Gathering professions aren’t worse: they’re always in high demand.


Probably the best profession that was newly added in TBC. It’s easily the best moneymaking profession. In TBC Classic gem sockets were added to the gear. You had to fill those with color according gems that increase stats and get bonuses.  Players constantly have to improve their gear, so gems will always be in high demand.


Alchemy is another great moneymaker in TBC. You can craft consumables for any player to use, granting them stat bonuses; as well as creating mana and health potions. The only downside to this being that in TBC the amount of consumables a player can have active at once.


With this gathering profession you will be able to farm herbs.  Alchemists are in need of those as they can create many powerful consumables with herbs. In addition to farming Herbs you will be able to farm nodes in Outland that drop motes, which in turn can be converted into a Primal, which is needed for many high-level crafted pieces. They sell well at auction house.


With mining you can harvest ore and stones found throughout the game. They in turn can be converted into weapon enchants. Ore will be much needed by Blacksmiths, Engineers and Jewelcrafters. Resources for other professions will always be in demand.  In addition to that, nodes can drop Mote of Earth, which can later be transformed into Primal Earth.


A profession that allows you to harvest leather and scales off specific mobs on Azeroth and Outland. These mats are needed for Leatherworkers to craft items and gear. Useful on start, while you’re leveling; you can sell those mats consecutively while leveling. 


Enchanting is an especially lucrative profession in TBC Classic. Players always need enchantments for their gear, and some rare weapon enchants are in high demand and will always be sought-after (like Mongoose and Sunfire) 


You can benefit from this profession by selling armor kits, yet most craftables you make are soulbound. Later on you will be able to sell Drums of Battle, which are going to be required for completing raids. 


Like Leatherworking, Tailoring’s gold making potential is limited. You can sell leg enchants, as well as 20 slot bags. There are 3 types of Cloth that can be only created once a day, so you can sell those cooldowns as well. 


Here we have the same situation with Leatherworking, yet you can create good selling items later if you obtain rare patterns. 



For goldmaking, this isn’t the best profession to have. It’s got a lot of quality items that are great for personal use.  You can sell mote extractors on the auction house. Those mote extractors are crucial in Mote farming throughout Outland. 



Arcane Tomes and Fel Armaments

These items allow you to better your reputation with Aldors and Scryers in Shattrath respectively. Items can be used as currency when buying shoulder enchants from these factions. 

Dark runes

Dark runes are a useful consumable for any class that uses mana, but especially healers. They restore mana at cost of health; this is extremely useful in Scholomance at level 70.