Fresh trailer out- Hulu thriller explores the dangers of modern day dating

Upcoming thriller Fresh trailer out 

Modern dating is definitely not a cakewalk and the trailer for “Fresh” movie portrays precisely that. The story is quite relatable and that’s what gives the movie an edge.

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays the role of Noa who doesn’t have any hope on dating apps and is frustrated. However, one day she meets Steve (played by Sebastian Stan), he sweeps her off her feet and they get into a relationship.

Seems like a standard rom-com right? But what if the guy you’re dating has a dangerous secret he’s hiding and it’s too late to back out now? Interested? We bet you are!

What do we see in the trailer of Fresh? 

The trailer starts off with a portrayal of Daisy’s life on dating apps and how she meets one guy after another, but to no avail. However, she meets a cute guy (played by Sebastian) in the supermarket one day and soon after, they start dating. Even though it’s not entirely clear from the trailer, it seems Sebastian has an unusual appetite and is into cannibalism. He tells her that he can’t reveal his secret as Noa would be freaked out.

Well, the trailer is definitely intriguing and all we can do is wait for the release to find out what’s going on.

The movie “Fresh” is premiering on Hulu on March 4. The primary goal of the film is to tap into the horrors of modern day dating and the struggle of a woman in dealing with her boyfriend’s unusual habits.

Daisy Edgar-Jones

Directed by Mimi Cave with Lauryn Kahn as the writer, this will be Cave’s film directorial debut after working on music videos for so many years.

Fresh director talks about the topics and twists of the film

The movie premiered at Sundance Midnight Program 2022 and Cave had revealed bits and pieces about what we can expect from the film.

The film-maker and dance artist said that Fresh is a classic boy meets girl thriller with an unexpected twist to it. She further said that the script was so unique that it called out to her and motivated her to do something different with an age-old plot.

Sebastian Stan

Writer Lauryn Kahn has previously worked on Netflix comedy Ibiza and even on the set of The Other Guys, Eastboound & Down and Step Brothers.