Fortnite streamer Ninja asked Lady Gaga to call him on his cell-phone!! Checkout why??

Lady Gaga posts a hilarious tweet, and Twitteratis can’t keep calm. So the other day, Lady Gaga posted “What’s Fortnight?” actually meaning to write “What’s Fortnite?” And the internet went gaga over Lady Gaga.

To non-gamers, we inform that Fortnite is a very popular video game that released in 2017. The game lets the player create worlds and wage war against each other while the Epic Game earns millions of dollars every month in the course of the process. Lately, Fortnite was in the news for a number of times because of its mysterious “disappearing” while a new era begins, and apparently, Gaga is confused.

The reaction to the popstar’s tweet was a combination of LOLs, dismay, and abundance of gifs. Among the best of the best of the responses to the tweet were those from and the Fortnite streamer Ninja. trolled Gaga’s spelling error, posting the link to correct spelling along with the definition and wrote, “The good news is it won’t take us two weeks to answer.”

On the other hand, Ninja posted a gif showing Lady Gaga’s Met Gala look where she carried her giant black cell phone bag. Ninja wrote, “Call me on the Telephone. I’ll give you a Million Reasons to play. You and I.”

While we still can’t understand as to what was the motive of the tweet, we may speculate if Gaga is actually trolling us or she opened Twitter when she meant to Google or simply she doesn’t at all know about the gaming world.

However, a fan speculated that Gaga is actually hinting at something about her new album Adele. The fan referred to a two weeks old tweet of Gaga, where she announced that her album is called Adele. Before tweeted this fortnite thing, she had tweeted, “Today is a new day. Look back, but don’t stare.” So the fan wrote,
“It’s been exactly two weeks since Gaga tweeted her album is called ADELE
She told us to look back
“Fortnight” means two weeks- she posted it exactly two weeks after the Adele tweet
“Fortnight” definition is British- Adele is British”