Fortnite fans think its major new character is secretly being played by The Rock

Fortnite fans think they’ve uncovered who plays the game’s significant new character The Foundation: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Foundation collided with Fortnite this week as a feature of the game’s Zero Crisis Finale occasion and supported parts in their bid to balance out the island.

As head of the secretive gathering named The Seven, The Foundation seems to hold a basic part in the game’s forthcoming storyline – and appears to be set to return when he can be liberated from being caught inside the Zero Point itself.

Anyway, why Johnson? Indeed, there are a couple of pieces of information.

First up, there’s a strange Instagram video from The Rock himself, namedropping The Foundation directly toward the end. It was posted on sixteenth March, the day of the Zero Crisis Finale occasion, however, nobody appears to have seen it at that point

Walk sixteenth 2021 all throughout the planet, today was a major day,” Johnson said, proceeding to specify a specific worldwide culture with which he shared a specific association and comparative DNA. Is this wrestling, or could this be computer games? He’s showed up two or three games throughout the long term, however, this could likewise be a gesture to his work on the new Jumanji films.

“This is totally done to fortify and advance and develop the force and the power known as… The Foundation,” Johnson proceeded, prior to investigating the camera and giving his brand name eyebrow raise.

Fortnite fans think its major new character is secretly being played by The Rock

Then, there’s the character’s plan. Fans have highlighted the situation of The Foundation’s round covering vent and massive arms as suggestive of Johnson’s chest tattoos and undulating muscles.

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