Former pornstar Mia Khalifa gets a nose job and seems quite proud of it! Check it out!

Mia Khalifa, a name known to many. Yes, the pornstar, Mia Khalifa is known for her sizzling body and perfect body features. An established pornstar who had to suffer backlashes from the society due to her job, however, little do they know about her struggles of life when she got into the industry.

A commonly seen trend where individuals come for modeling or to become stars and end up being pushed to the job of porn. Well, now we’re not getting into the details of that. The matter of concern was her recent appearance. Yes, we’re talking about a yet again surgery that she had undergone to change another feature of her body. Although retired now from her job, she seems extra conscious of her appearances yet again.


What was the recent change seen in her?

After a long controversy of fake boobs that were surfacing during her tenure of work, when she got them enlarged to give them a better appearance, she now openly posted a picture on Instagram where her nose was plastered. The click was from her home in Los Angeles and was captioned ‘The real re-brand’. Fans speculate it as being yet another surgery where did got her nose corrected. Her breast reshape was done after being hit by an ice hockey puck that was traveling at a speed of 80 mph back in 2018.

This is another surgery after that and this time as well, she ensured to keep her fans updated about the same instead of slipping to a side with it. Well, an individual’s choice is known to be the best for them after they have taken the decision with speculations. Her fans had a mixed opinion on the same. Some called it a good move and had to be unquestioned, while the other section called it an artificial move that could have been prevented to ensure her originality.