Former Bemidji dancer, Grace Holden hits big with Lizzo

Grace Holden will perform in Saturday Night Live with Lizzo

The year 2019 has been a dreamy year for the former Bemidji dancer, Grace Holden who hits the big time with the American singer Lizzo. As a toddler. Holden used to dance around her house in Bemidji with a dream of dancing professionally. And now, her dream became a reality this year when she performed at several events with the rising pop star, Lizzo.

Holden, 31, is one of the backup dancers for Lizzo, who will be the musical guest at Saturday Night Live and Holden will be with her. She has been with Lizzo for nearly 5 years. She got opportunities for touring the country with the pop star and making appearances on several big shows like ‘Ellen’ and ‘The Tonight Show.’

Former Bemidji dancer, Grace Holden hits big with Lizzo 1
Former Bemidji dancer, Grace Holden (left) hits big with Lizzo.
Picture: Grandforksherald

In a conversation with a news portal, Holden said that this year has been the wildest year for her because she just had an amazing year. The amount of TV and promotional events are the things that she wouldn’t have ever dreamed of being able to be a part of it, she finished.

She’ll be performing with Lizzo in one of her performances on the Saturday Night Live show hosted by Eddie Murphy which airs at 10:30 PM on NBC. Lizzo has 2 performances scheduled in the show and she will be joined by her girls known as ‘The Big Grrrls,’ in one of the numbers.

This show will be most anticipated this week as it will have Holden’s parents, Butch and Gigi along with the owner of her first city dance in Bemidji, Cathy Marcotte. they are filled with pride over Grace’s achievements. Talking about her inclination towards this form of art, Grace’s father said that she has always been very musical from toddlerhood. She was always playing her little piano and dancing.

Talking about Lizzo, Grace said that Lizzo became a friend quickly and she has never been a diva boss. Lizzo might have got busy now with the overwhelming assignments but the bond is still there between the two.